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Memorial Ecosystems - Leaders in Conservation Burial Monday, July 15, 2019
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Fear no more the heat o’ th’ sun, Nor the furious winter’s rages, Thou thy wordly task hast done, Home art gone and ta’en thy wages. Golden lads and girls all must, As chimney sweepers, come to dust.



   Memorial Ecosystems Inc. opened Ramsey Creek preserve in 1998, the first “green cemetery” in the United States. The preserve was formed to harness the funeral industry for land protection and restoration, to fund non-profits, education, the arts and scientific research, and to provide a less expensive and more meaningful burial option.

   Our award-winning company aspires to protect, restore and permantly endow one million acres of wild-lands over the coming decades. More than merely financing protection, the inherently spiritual nature of our endeavor means that we can foster closer ties between human communities and the natural communities that they depend on.

   Our main focus is to develop multi-functional memorial nature preserves that we create with the cooperation and assistance of non-profit organizations. Through becoming members of the preserve during life, and choosing burial in the preserve after, our clients leave a permanent legacy for their families, their communities and the natural world. We are committed to being the leaders in environmentally and socially responsible death care.


{Thursday, September 02, 2010} - Following the old dust-to-dust credo, a growing number of people are choosing to be laid to rest in biodegradable caskets and graveyards filled with wildflowers, not granite. -By Susan J. Tweit Read More...
{Thursday, October 09, 2008} - Economizing is important to retirees living on fixed incomes — even those in more affluent areas — but so is preserving the planet for their grandkids. Senior communities are going green to appeal t... Read More...
{Monday, September 15, 2008} - For decades, most Americans have approached the funeral in the most traditional of ways: a cemetery burial plot, a vault, metal or ornate wood casket, an embalmed body and a formal funeral service. B... Read More...




Ramsey Creek Preserve - The Ramsey Creek Preserve is located at the boundary between the Southern Appalachians and the Piedmont in western South Carolina. It is about 1 ½ hours north of Atlanta, and about an hour south of Greenville near the town of Westminster.



Honey Creek Woodlands - The Honey Creek Woodlands is located near Conyers, Georgia on the 2,100 acre campus of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. It is about 20 miles east of the high-rise section of Atlanta, and is a part of the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area.



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Memorial Ecosystems - Leaders in Conservation Burial
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