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Memorial Ecosystems - Leaders in Conservation Burial Monday, July 15, 2019
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 Consulting Services

While green burial is grounded in simplicity, creating a successful conservation burial ground is far more difficult than most people realize. Land selection, legal issues, start-up, marketing and the nuts and bolts of doing green burial in a way that restores the land are all issues that need to be carefully considered and executed. Over the years, we have received literally hundreds of requests for information from individuals and groups who want to start a project, but very few have followed through.

Memorial Ecosystems has assisted several landowners and groups with information and site visits without charging. While we will continue to assist these projects, we are unable to take on any more pro-bono clients at this time.

We do, however, offer fee for service consulting for those individuals and groups who are interested in starting a project in their area. We have more experience than anyone else in the business. That experience includes more than 10 years on the ground at Ramsey Creek, helping to set up three other functioning projects in three different states; we also have three more projects in development.

Please note that we cannot assist a project that would directly compete with an existing project where we are already involved. We will give preference to projects with high conservation value/potential, those with good potential for financial success, those that benefit non-profit organizations and those with a compelling story.

Our involvement can take one of two basic arrangements.

  1. Advisory only, with a base fee for guiding you through the process. Site visits will require a daily fee plus travel expense. These arrangements can include site selection and analysis, development of policy and procedure manuals, suggested easement language and initial training for green burial including a mock burial. 
  2. Partnership agreements. In some locations, this will be our preferred or even exclusive arrangement. These agreements can be tailored for the particular circumstance. For non-profits partners, we can provide management services in a way that minimizes “mission creep”, financial risk for the partner organization, and that assures endowment funding as a first priority along with the lion’s share of income beyond expense. In partnerships with private individuals, we can negotiate arrangements depending on the degree of our long term management role.

Please call us and talk. We have not put an exact dollar figure on the services, mainly because in some cases we will be willing to absorb more of the costs than others, depending on the risk, potential upside and….the story. However, our daily fee will generally run around $2,000.



Memorial Ecosystems - Leaders in Conservation Burial
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